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Waterborne, high solids, premium quality, ultra-matt, light-weight coating for application on interior walls. It is based on a patented technology presenting a durable and efficient possibility for isothermal storage of the peak loads, which usually occur during the day and releasing these again with a time delay thus contributing to an improved indoor climate, more comfortable living conditions and better energy efficiency by using intelligent temperature management through unique thermal insulating ingredients. Moreover it reflects the heating energy from the walls back into the room increasing further the thermal comfort. Also due to its photocatalytic activity it converts noxious gases and odours into uncritical substances contributing to a better indoor air quality. It presents excellent adhesion and washability. Superior resistance to bacteria, fungi and algae is a further benefit with Energy Save Interior. It is suitable for uninsulated residences as well as hospitals, schools, offices, hotels etc.
Description Details
Thinning                               0-5%
Method of application           brush, roller, airless spray gun
Coverage                             8-12 sq.m. / liter
Drying                                  1-2 hours

 * (Drought time varies depending on weather conditions such as humidity or temperature)

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